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Discover Your Mineral Match:

Learn which minerals are right for your nutritional concerns and needs.

Mineral Hair Analysis Test

What will your hair say about your health?

Stop guessing about what supplements your body needs. This home test provides direct insight into your nutritional health – mineral deficiencies and imbalances, metabolic profile, dietary recommendations, supplement suggestions and more.

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Hemp Extract Oil

Hemp Extract Oil

Healthy Mind & Healthy Body

The new Hemp Extract Oil provides a natural, organic, full spectrum solution to physical and mental stresses – with 2 flavor options.

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Your Solution for Health

When it comes to your health, we believe two things really matter: high quality mineral supplements and your ability to absorb them.

Zemvelo liquid minerals are the solution for both.

Why Minerals?

All bodily processes depend on the presence of minerals. They convert food into fuel, allow/cause vitamins to function and transport signals from the brain to the body. They are the conduit of life and we aren’t getting enough of them!

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The Absorption Problem

It’s not what you take, it is what you ABSORB! The sad truth is that in most cases, the vitamin and mineral supplements you are taking are not doing you much good at all. The reason? You simply do not absorb them very well. At Mineralife, we create high quality products that are highly absorbable and uniquely formulated to maximize bio-availability.

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The Delivery System

Mineralife designed an advanced transport system that mirrors nature in order to get you the nutrients your body needs. Our products are formulated with CHD-FA (Fulvic Acid) which has been proven to increase the uptake and retention of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, making our nutritional supplements work more quickly and effectively.

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The Results Matter

We understand people buy supplements “hoping” that they will actually work for them. It is our mission to deliver HOPE, and we do this by developing products that actually work! All our products are designed for maximum absorption and effectiveness, not just a list of ingredients on a label.

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The Experts Have Spoken

“From Customers who have used the capsule and or tablet forms, I commonly hear how much more noticeable the benefits they get with the Mineralife versions. Once they have tried these products they stick with them and don’t go back to any other brands!”

Jaime BoyachekFunctional Nurse, Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner

“I use Mineralife products because I am clear that the company has completed their due diligence in taking the time to understand mineral function, digestion, absorption, and assimilation in the human body. In other words the products are very well thought out in their formulation and production practices and as a result, I get the results I am looking to create for my clients every time I use them. ”

Nichola BurnettRegistered Dietitian, Functional Medicine Practitioner

“Few years ago, I had a hair mineral analysis test done and it showed that I had Magnesium imbalance. After using Magnesium SPRAY for almost three months, the ratio were back to normal range. This is how I know with my own personal experience that the product works.”

Elvira HofgrenCEO, Vital Body & Soul

“Mineralife offers minerals in angstrom size for easy assimilation. I have been using Mineralife minerals with my patients for many years and have witnessed amazing results.”

Dr. Bruce HeckardD.C. and C.T.N.

Take the Journey

It is our mission to deliver HOPE, and we do this by developing products that actually work! Start the journey towards your Mineralife today.


Choose the minerals that are right for you.


Commit to 45 days of incorporating minerals into a healthy lifestyle.


Enjoy the results of your Mineralife.

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