You are what you absorb.

When it comes to supplements, it is not what you take,

but what you absorb that counts.

Because of this, we are obsessed with ingredients that absorb on a cellular level.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. And if it’s true of food, then it must be true of supplements right? The sad truth is that in most cases, the vitamin and mineral supplements you are taking are not doing you much good at all. The reason? You simply do not absorb them very well. It is not what you take, it is what you ABSORB!

There are many reasons most supplements are not well absorbed. Poor ingredient forms, fillers, additives, poor gut health and bad eating habits are just a few of the reasons. Numerous studies have been conducted that highlight the absorption issue.

At Mineralife we create products that are highly absorbable and uniquely formulated to maximize bio-availability. The key to highly absorbable supplements is the correct form of the nutrient and fulvic acid as the transport mechanism.

The Delivery System

All of Mineralife’s products are formulated with Fulvic Acid, a natural organic substance with many widespread, documented health benefits. Mineralife’s CHD-FA (Fulvic Acid) has 20 different worldwide patents with significant studies and clinical trials behind its name. CHD-FA has been proven to increase the uptake and retention of minerals, as well as vitamins and other nutrients, making our nutritional supplements work more effectively.

Why Does It Matter?

We understand people buy supplements “hoping” that they will actually work for them. We do all of the above because we care about the quality and effectiveness of our products. It is our mission to deliver HOPE, and we do this by developing products that actually work! All our products are designed for maximum absorption and effectiveness, not just a list of ingredients on a label.

Our Formula: Delivering Absorbable Products

Mineralife’s creation process closely resembles the dynamic and intricate functions of nature. This produces a mineral nutrition delivery-system in line with nature’s own design. Mineralife Ionic Minerals are meticulously prepared from a pure (up to 99.99% pure) elemental source in the purest energy enhanced structured water (a multi-step purification and energizing process) called MET-Water (Magnetic Enhancement Technology).

Mineralife, through a complex proprietary process, liquefies minerals to a state where if dehydrated will grow crystals yielding a highly bio-available form of mineral that is non-metallic and is in simple, angstrom sized ionic form. The ionic charge is opposite of the charge of the intestinal walls, which allows the minerals to be automatically drawn to the walls of the intestines. All of our minerals are then further enhanced by reacting and complexing them with fulvic acid. Fulvic acid complexes and chelates are able to readily pass through semi-permeable membranes such as cell walls. Fulvic acid enhances the availability of nutrients and makes them more readily absorbable where they are needed most, in the cells. In other words, fulvic acid increases the overall absorption, retention and utilization of nutrients from both foods and supplements. The result of this effort is minerals and supplements that actually increase your body’s ability to absorb these nutrients through your digestive system.

Fulvic acid, the organic compound that just might be the secret to actually absorbing your supplements and nutrients form foods.

According to Dr. Pauling and others, all diseases and disorders can be controlled, if not eliminated, by giving the body the nutrition it needs to fight and overcome imbalances.

Take the Journey

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