Beta Glucan


Supports Gut Health & Healthy Heart

Beta Glucan is a soluble fiber. Soluble fibers can help normalize and maintain bowel movement health, support optimal body lipid levels, healthy sugar balance and even help with weight management.

The soluble fiber can slow the speed of food digestion, decreasing sugar and cholesterol absorption.

Optimize Beta Glucan benefits with only 2 capsules per day!

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Zemvelo Beta Glucan Supplement 60 count by Mienralife

Benefits of Beta Glucan

Healthy Sugar Balance

Supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Gut Health

Supports a healthy gut microbiome, digestive function, and normal bowel function.

Heart Health

Supports healthy heart functions & healthy body lipid levels.

Immune Support

Supports healthy immune system responses, lung functions, and the body's natural inflammatory responses.

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Zemvelo Beta Glucan Features

Zemvelo Beta Glucan is a balanced ratio of Beta Glucan 1,3 and Beta Glucan 1,6 in a vegetarian capsule.

Zemvelo Beta Glucan:

  • CONCENTRATION: Provides 420mg total Beta Glucan with 1,3 and 1,6.
  • DIETARY FRIENDLY: Vegan Friendly, KETO friendly, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Nut Free
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: 60 capsule bottle provides 30 day supply with 2 capsules a day

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Beta Glucan: Zemvelo by Mineralife
Beta Glucan: Zemvelo by Mineralife

Why Zemvelo Beta Glucan?

Beta Glucan capsules are a soluble fiber supplement that allow you to get necessary support in one, convenient dose.

Body Friendly Formula

Zemvelo Beta Glucan is no less than 70% pure, providing a rich source of 1/3 & 1/6 in daily nutrition. Pure Beta Glucan ensures you receive high quality fiber-support in your dietary supplement, it is an ideal complement to any low-fat or low-cholesterol nutrition plan.

The vegetarian capsule allows for safe, easily digested delivery of the nutrient into your body.

Closer Look at Beta Glucan rich in 1/3 & 1/6

Heart Health – Beta Glucan will bind with bad fats in the intestinal tract stopping it from entering the bloodstream and instead is excreted.
Gut Heath – Soluble fibers in your diet can help normalize and maintain bowel movement health by turning water into a gel substance during digestion. This slows the digestive process.
Blood Sugar Health – Slower digestion as a result of increased soluble fiber intake can result in decreased absorption of sugar in the body, leading to healthy blood sugar levels.
Immune Health – The digestive benefits of Beta Glucan allows for a healthy gut microbiome which supports immune system function.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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