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The key to optimal health

Zemvelo Magnesium is derived from ancient Permian Sea deposits, and enriched with CHD-Fulvic Acid, which contains over seventy trace minerals to further increase absorption and enhance overall well-being. CHD-Fulvic Acid has the ability to naturally support the body’s immune, inflammatory and detoxification response. These deposits have been deep below the surface of the Earth for many, many years – untouched by the environment. This means that they are in a pure, natural form making them the best minerals for our customers.

A liquid ionic magnesium supplement is easy to take and provides superior absorption and utilization in your body to ensure optimal health.

Invest in your health with Zemvelo Magnesium today.

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Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is a powerful natural tranquilizer. It aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension, and normalizing blood pressure. Magnesium is vitally important nutrient for humans. It is an essential nutrient that is required for many biologic functions, including over 300 enzymatic reactions.


  • facilitates calcium transport and deposition into bone
  • supports tissue growth and development
  • supports immune system health and function
  • Is a primary electrolyte along with calcium, potassium, sodium and chloride
  • helps conduct nerve impulses and the relaxation of muscle tissue
  • supports airway health and respiration
  • supports healthy and normal involuntary body movements
  • supports healthy and proper growth
  • supports muscle health
  • supports healthy and happy disposition
  • supports healthy eating habits
  • supports healthy cardiovascular electrical impulses
  • supports monthly feminine health
  • supports healthy muscles
  • supports healthy nerve transduction
  • supports healthy calcium balance in blood vessels

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Zemvelo Magnesium Features

Zemvelo (formerly Mineralife) Magnesium is clinically tested professional grade CHD-Fulvic Acid has been added to further increase absorption and enhance overall well-being as fulvic acid has the ability to naturally support the body’s immune, inflammatory and detoxification response.

  • PURE:  Derived from pure, ancient Permian Sea deposits
  • CONCENTRATED:  40,000 PPM or mg/L
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: 96 Day Supply

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Zemvelo Magnesium for Stress Reduction

Most people are constantly stressed and stress wears down the body, causing disease. Magnesium is a powerful natural tranquilizer that relaxes the nerves, relieves tension and lowers blood pressure, thereby supporting healthy cardiovascular function.

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Magnesium for Anti-Aging

An incorrect magnesium to calcium ratio results in a rapidly aging body. Magnesium can assist people in enjoying the prime of their lives by promoting ease of joint movement, steady functioning of the cardiovascular system, proper sugar balance, healthy bones, and long-term mental clarity.

What is Zemvelo Magnesium?

Magnesium has been shown to:

  • improve stress management
  • reduce muscle cramps
  • enable restful sleep
  • aid anti-aging and preventative care.

Because magnesium is so important in our bodies, magnesium deficiency can increase the frequency of physical discomforts from headaches to muscle cramps and negatively affect regularity, energy and sleep. Alcohol and caffeine can also deplete your magnesium stores.

Women who were put on a program of increased magnesium reported discomforts and irritability associated with monthly menstruation vanished. More importantly, the women reported feeling and looking 10 to 15 years younger. Most women said they had lost weight, increased their energy, and had a more positive outlook.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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44 reviews for Magnesium

  1. Brenda

    My husband and I have been taking the liquid magnesium for some time now and just love it. Magnesium has helped in many ways – sleep better, peaceful, etc. Because of that I started giving it to my mom. She was keeping all us up every night….most times she would be up ALL night. It took a few weeks, but she started sleeping through the night! She does occasionally get up once in a while, but goes back to sleep much faster than before.

  2. Sandheep

    Magnesium is a vital mineral which most people lack. I take it to make up for any shortfall in my diet.

  3. Jonathan

    This magnesium is the best magnesium I have ever tried. It is so absorbable, and I can feel its effects immediately after taking it.

  4. Daniel

    When I complained about a lot of headaches and constant worry my chiropractor suggested I have a mineral balancing test done. It came back confirming that I was magnesium deficient. I’ve been feeling much better since taking Mineralife’s magnesium supplement and can’t remember the last time I had a headache.

  5. Craig

    Hey ya’ll! I have tried many things for my muscles from riding bulls. I tried this version of the Magnesium and I did not like how it worked, and I did not feel like it was working. But I did try the flakes and those work wonders! I guess everyone’s bodies are different! I noticed that this version of the Magnesium works for my headaches though!

  6. Kristen

    My husband and I use this magnesium daily. We feel its relaxing effects!

  7. Kevin

    Very long story. Very short testimony. My wife and I have had several very serious health challenges in the past decade. Both her and I, to a lesser extent, have done exhaustive research in the quest to aid our bodies and minds heal themselves. Modern medicine is of little or no use. It is not the doctors fault. They only know what the pharmaceutical companies teach them in med school. We found a handful of health professionals whom have shaken of the chains and to returned to a much more natural state a of caring for ourselves with God given common sense. We collected gold nuggets from this one and that one and combined all the information and began a plan of action. We accepted the fact that we were largely responsible for where we were based on choices that we had made and ignorance of options. I am talking about a healthy diet, exercise, environment and spiritual life. That is where Mineralife comes in. In order to give our bodies the tools that they need to build a strong immune system to protect and heal us from sickness and disease as God intended it to do, we must be conscious about what we do and do not feed it. Out of the hundreds of companies that produce and/or distribute supplements, Mineralife is amongst the best of the best. Their liquid vitamins and minerals are the most practical and efficient methods of providing what processed food, mono cropped genetically modified produce from our abused, chemical saturated and depleted soil cannot. No pill to swallow, no binders, fillers, sweeteners, and no artificial colors and flavors. What is NOT in the supplement is as important as what is. They are easy and convenient to take. They leave no bad taste, are gentle on the stomach, can be mixed with anything, cause no burping or reflux and are readily absorbed by our digestive systems. There is not much more that one could ask for. Read the label, do your homework and I am confident that you will agree. Determine your needs and Mineralife can fill them. For us, based on our deficiencies, we personally use Manganese, Magnesium, lots of Selenium, Iodine, Potassium and Zinc. We will soon be adding the Multi-Vitamin for added insurance. Now, as a bonus to having a great supplement, it is available at an outstanding value. They are less expensive than some of the garbage being pushed at your local “drug” store. You also get outstanding product support and customer service. I do not believe that I have left anything out so now it is up to you. Be Safe!

  8. N/A

    My reason for the purchase of Liquid Magnesium was to try and get rid of the cramps in my legs. Problem solved. The pills I tried were okay. However, the liquid was far superior. While I agree with the other posters about the horrible taste, that is no reason to discount the benefits and pass this up! I take a half cap-full daily, with 1 drop of iodine (also totally disgusting), in a shot cup of juice. And some days I might take an extra swig after, all depends.

  9. Adam

    This is a fantastic form of Magnesium. It is made from pure elemental magnesium, complexed with patented Fulvic acid. It is the only magnesium that I knew actually worked, without the gastro side effects of other less absorbable forms. I have been using 1/2 a cap morning and night in a few oz of water. It has no flavoring so don’t take it straight out the bottle. Mineralife have a host of other great products.

  10. Jim Autio

    I have been purchasing liquid magnesium for a few years, and combined with a number other supplements and healthy and active living I am now at 59 healthier than I have been in my life (no ailments whatsoever). The liquid magnesium is easy to consume, cost-efficient and effective. Thank you Mineralife.

  11. N/A

    Best and purest product on the market. If this is the form you need for your body, this is the best. The taste is awful, must absolutely be diluted.

  12. Lee Ann

    My naturopath recommended I try Minerlife’s Liquid Magnesium several years ago for some problems I had related to sleep. I had used other brands, but Mineralife worked! I love that is so bio-available! Since most people are magnesium deficient, I’ve recommended it several times over to family and friends. Keep up the good work Mineralife!

  13. Jonathan

    This is one of the best and most absorbable brands of magnesium available! I usually take a capful before bed, but taking 2 capfuls gives me immediate relaxation.

  14. Teresa L.

    This magnesium is the best magnesium I have ever tried. It is so absorbable, and I can feel its effects immediately after taking it.

  15. Alexandra

    I have been a HUGE Fan of your products for a long time now and i would like to take this moment -on my Birthday to send you some LOVE.
    I LOVE your magnesium product-))))
    Its perfect for before Bed time, when i am winding down to calm my system and help me rest more deeply and peacefully!!
    I also LOVE your manganese and Germanium products!
    They are very helpful with my total body mind Health!!
    – and i LOVE that you have fulvic acid incorporated with the minerals to aid absorption!
    Your company and Quality is Stellar- Thank you for your existence and what you are offering to Humankind!!

  16. David

    After using ionic magnesium now for 2 months
    I am very impressed with this form of magnesium.
    I can feel its effects right away after taking it.
    A very good product.

  17. Teresa

    This magnesium makes me feel healthy and I know I am putting good things in my body! Pretty good price as well!

  18. Teresa

    The magnesium makes me feel good and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take something to be healthier. It also is a great price!

  19. Joyce

    I have been using mineral life products for quite a few years . I use Magnesium, Activsilica, fulvic trace, selenium and alkalizer. I feel that Mineralife products are of high quality and they have helped me with my medical issues.

  20. Dale

    My doctor has me on this form of magnesium for better absorption as I have an issue with absorption…I am just finishing my 1st bottle…better than pills for sure! I take it before bed and the taste is not the best, but I am used to it now. I do not care for plastic bottle though…good product!

  21. Kristen

    I love taking some extra magnesium before bed, it’s really grounding and helps me sleep a lot better and quiets the mind and muscles

  22. N/A

    I have been taking magnesium at bedtime for over sixteen years for restless legs. I had been taking a powdered form which affects the bowels too. I switched to this liquid about three years ago. It doesn’t affect the bowels, but does work on the restless legs. I don’t leave home without it.

  23. Unknown

    My husband takes this to support muscle health in his legs. It works wonders

  24. Unknown

    Feels great

  25. BreLee

    I’ve been taking Mineralife’s liquid supplements for a little under a year. I first found them through Lion Heart Herbs and started with this magnesium (still take it). I’ve tried lots of different products including the copper, iodine, daily multiple, zinc, potassium, and more. I like the quality of the products (wish I didn’t have to refrigerate them – 5 stars otherwise!) and that they are recommended by a few natural industry influencers that I trust.

  26. Jonathan

    I love the quality, purity, and absorbability of Mineralife products.

  27. Charesa

    I’m a vegetarian and careful what I put in my body. I like the benefits without additives.

  28. Leanne

    The magnesium works! I started taking the liquid magnesium years ago at the advice of my naturopath. I’ve noticed a change in my stress levels and decrease in leg cramps.

  29. Marian

    I respect the reputation of Dr Dean and her opinion on the importance of magnesium. I like that this is a pure product. I get leg cramps and this helps decrease the frequency of discomfort.

  30. Deborah

    I like the quality and the fact this is easily absorbed.

  31. Heather

    Liquid magnesium works very quickly and is the only product to relax my muscles and decrease discomfort within 15 minutes or so. It also helps me sleep

  32. Jay

    I’ve been taking Mineralife for over 10 years with this mag being my main stable. The ease of digestion and quantity per serving of your liquid minerals is my favorite part.

  33. Karen

    I have been taking this for a few years for leg cramps and movements, and it works great. When the caramel went on sale, I stocked up

  34. Kay (verified owner)

    Magnesium is another mineral that our Natural Dr. put us on and she uses Mineralife products and we are very satisfied with them. We have noticed a big difference in how we feel since using your products. This has really helped my husbands muscles in his legs. Thank you for a great product.

  35. David Engelbertson (verified owner)

    Great product. I have more energy now and I am not having near the amount of cramping that I was having before I was taking this liquid magnesium. I highly recommend this product.

  36. Brenda M (verified owner)

    My husband’s legs use to twitch at night. He has been taking this magnesium and the twitching and excess leg movement is gone. We are both sleeping more peacefully now.

  37. Denise (verified owner)

    I self-prescribed magnesium for myself years ago when I was getting bouts of tendon issues in my shoulders. Debilitating & excruciating — originally, per dr., went on recommended over the counter medicine round the clock for weeks, got acid reflux, more meds, etc., etc.
    Going to an orthopedic dr. for the breakdown of tissues around bones/muscles, got me some x-rays that showed calcification in my shoulder joints & dr. had no explanation for it (shame on him!). I went to Google. Reading in many, many places, including the comments at the end of articles — the testimonials (VERY interesting and helpful! So I am leaving a long-winded one for you) lead me to realize I had a magnesium deficiency.
    My OB/GYN wanted me to take 2400mg/day of calcium (Shame on her!) –I was only taking 1200mg in the form of two giant, chalky horse-sized, choking pills but I did not increase my dosage just because she said so.
    I had all the classic symptoms of magnesium deficiency with the calcification in my joints (dr’s EXPECT that as a sign of getting older!) my heart would race at random times, I had feelings of worry & high blood pressure. Calcium taken without the correct companion minerals results in calcium running around your body with no way to get into your bones, it just settles in your joints instead. It has been determined that you need almost least as many mg’s of mag as you need calcium but you won’t hear that from any doctors (shame on them!) (For bone health: also vit K2 + A & D & boron which hubs takes (boron) & eliminated his weird wavy fingernails– irritation?).
    I have not had breakdown of bone/muscle tissue for many years now since beginning magnesium supplementation. At first I took mag in the form of pills but found a better, more assimilatable way with liquid mag. This company has a competitive price.
    Husband no longer leaps out of bed in the middle of the night from muscle discomfort.
    Also, my heart no longer races & skips (was alarming!). Hospitals will give magnesium intravenously for patients w/heart episodes so I do not know why dr.’s do not make the connection & recommend it more for heart patients (mag VERY good for heart! & hardening of arteries –relaxes everything). Big Pharma has dr’s by the short hairs. Also many (not all) dr.’s believe solely in medicine, that is how they’re trained, maybe they don’t have time or energy to learn otherwise, so busy w/their practices (my observation). Medicine has its place but medicine-only treatments are sadly lacking in the big picture, health-wise, unfortunately.
    My job can get quite chaotic and stressful and now I notice I am calmer during the chaos. Supplementing w/mag twice/day 1/2 to 1tsp + trace minerals has eliminated the achy joints that Dr’s think are a natural & expected product of aging (shame on them!). I feel better now than I did 15 years ago when I was 40! Mag has helped me quit my my other products, as meds often will deplete your magnesium. You can get chronic health problems from mineral deficiencies (mag deficiency can even cause diabetes & thyroid disorders) & you get treated for the various disorders w/meds that address the SYMPTOMS ONLY & actually cause more mag deficiency which leads to more health problems. If you have to take meds for a condition TAKE THIS MAGNESIUM also (after doing your own research)!

  38. Nancy (verified owner)

    Great product. I’ll definitely buy again.

  39. Nicolas Orlando – Amazon Verified Purchase

    leveled my blood pressure…
    I will re-order this product again, and I also referred this product to friends and family.

  40. blemebriller (verified owner)

    The quality & liquid form of this magnesium made it much more efficient for my body to absorb compared to other magnesium products. Love it!!

  41. mizviv1

    I have used Magnesium for a long time. So many meds suck the magnesium from your body especially antibiotics. I had some some problems that required me to some antibiotics for several months. I was feeling pain all over especially my muscles until a friend recommended this. I felt better in just a few days. I take this now religiously. Thanks.

  42. Sam

    I have been using this for years to control my blood sugar levels. it works well! When ever I feel the stress coming on, I take some to help me sleep and it works so good! I keep buying this year after year!

  43. Techtipntrick

    Calcium and Potassium stimulate muscle contraction – Magnesium makes muscles relax. This is very important for heart function as the body needs ample stores of Ionic Magnesium to allow for proper heart muscle relaxation. Temporary gastrointestinal upsets, which can also cause a loss of Magnesium or limit Magnesium absorption. This is my favorite magnesium.

  44. T Wright – Amazon Verified Purchase July 2020

    I was looking for magnesium that had better bioavailability than pills. I found this product and we love it! It has helped my husband’s blood sugar come down. I believe it has also helped reduce his leg discomfort.

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