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Powerful free radical resistance

Selenium is a crucial mineral that defends the body against inflammation and free radical damage. It is also key to healthy metabolism. Studies have shown that consuming plenty selenium has a positive benefits for thyroid health, immune health, reproductive health and overall well being and longevity.

Zemvelo Selenium concentrate is formulated using our patent-pending MET water, a multi-step purified energy enhanced water that helps activate minerals into their electronically charged ionic state for maximum benefit. It is also enriched with  CHD-Fulvic Acid to enhance absorption and overall well-being.

Take care of your immune system by investing in a high quality selenium supplement.

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Benefits of Selenium

Selenium enhances the quality of blood flow and increases antioxidant capabilities to protect your body and resist against internal stress, support a healthy immune system and reduce illness.

Selenium is crucial for a properly functioning heart muscle by improving blood flow. It also:

  • lowers the risk of heart complications
  • boosts immunity
  • supports healthy reproductive function
  • increases longevity
  • helps support healthy lung function
  • supports healthy thyroid function

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Zemvelo Selenium Features

Zemvelo (formerly Mineralife) Selenium consists of Angstrom-sized, water soluble minerals (IsoIonic™) that provide the greatest absorption and utilization in the body.

  • PURE:  Prepared from a pure elemental source.
  • CONCENTRATED: 2.5ml (1/2 cap) provides 571% of the Daily Value for Selenium.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: Each 8 oz bottle provides a 96 day Supply.

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Selenium for a Strong Immune System

Selenium is a potent antioxidant that works closely with vitamin E to purge the body of free radicals and prevent damage which can lead to premature aging. Scientists in Brussels discovered that taking just 100mcg of Selenium every day improves the immune system function by nearly 80 percent.

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Selenium for Healthy Cells

Selenium helps to remove toxic metals from the body and contributes to the cells’ ability to properly reproduce themselves. A study from Cornell University found that a supplement of 200 mcg of selenium a day doubled the body’s capacity for cell replication.

Why Selenium?

People who do not follow a balanced diet with nutrient rich organic food and those with compromised immune systems that impair the body’s ability to absorb nutrients may have low selenium levels which may lead to deficiency.

People of Norfolk, England are said to be among the longest-living people in the world. Scientists believe it is due to the high levels of Selenium in their soil. In addition, scientists in Brussels, Belgium, found those taking selenium on a daily basis improved immune system functions by nearly 80%. While you can’t control the level of Selenium in your soil, you can easily make sure that you get plenty of Selenium with our liquid ionic selenium supplement.

A strong immune system is vital to maintaining excellent health. Our immune system works to protect us from bacteria, viruses and damage caused by free radicals.*There is no better boost for your immune system than Selenium.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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6 reviews for Selenium

  1. Robin D.

    I love that Selenium works at a cellular level. My overall health has improved since I have been taking this product.

  2. Susan

    Since I started taking selenium a year ago, my heart rate and blood pressure improved. I have not felt unwell either, despite living in a retirement home.

  3. Kevin

    Very long story. Very short testimony. My wife and I have had several very serious health challenges in the past decade. Both her and I, to a lesser extent, have done exhaustive research in the quest to aid our bodies and minds heal themselves. Modern medicine is of little or no use. It is not the doctors fault. They only know what the pharmaceutical companies teach them in med school. We found a handful of health professionals whom have shaken of the chains and to returned to a much more natural state a of caring for ourselves with God given common sense. We collected gold nuggets from this one and that one and combined all the information and began a plan of action. We accepted the fact that we were largely responsible for where we were based on choices that we had made and ignorance of options. I am talking about a healthy diet, exercise, environment and spiritual life. That is where Mineralife comes in. In order to give our bodies the tools that they need to build a strong immune system to protect and heal us from sickness and disease as God intended it to do, we must be conscious about what we do and do not feed it. Out of the hundreds of companies that produce and/or distribute supplements, Mineralife is amongst the best of the best. Their liquid vitamins and minerals are the most practical and efficient methods of providing what processed food, mono cropped genetically modified produce from our abused, chemical saturated and depleted soil cannot. No pill to swallow, no binders, fillers, sweeteners, and no artificial colors and flavors. What is NOT in the supplement is as important as what is. They are easy and convenient to take. They leave no bad taste, are gentle on the stomach, can be mixed with anything, cause no burping or reflux and are readily absorbed by our digestive systems. There is not much more that one could ask for. Read the label, do your homework and I am confident that you will agree. Determine your needs and Mineralife can fill them. For us, based on our deficiencies, we personally use Manganese, Magnesium, lots of Selenium, Iodine, Potassium and Zinc. We will soon be adding the Multi-Vitamin for added insurance. Now, as a bonus to having a great supplement, it is available at an outstanding value. They are less expensive than some of the garbage being pushed at your local “drug” store. You also get outstanding product support and customer service. I do not believe that I have left anything out so now it is up to you. Be Safe!

  4. Allison

    I take Selenium, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese for supporting Adrenal issues. Love the products.

  5. Joyce

    I have been using mineral life products for quite a few years . I use Magnesium, Activsilica, fulvic trace, selenium and alkalizer. I feel that Mineralife products are of high quality and they have helped me.

  6. Eva

    Elwin Robinson recommended Mineralife Products and he does good research.

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