We question everything so you do not have to.

When you combine the purest ingredients from vetted and responsibly sourced suppliers with a manufacturing process that exceeds FDA and industry standards for quality; you get Mineralife, a product that is trustworthy from a company that is delivering HOPE.

Trusted Partners Around the Globe

Creating the perfect supplement is more than just combining ingredients together in a bottle–it’s about partnering with companies that care as much about their ingredients as we do. We have worked diligently to find the right partners from across the globe that have the ingredients that meet our rigid standards. Each of our nutrients and ingredients are of the highest quality and are supported by a large body of substantiated research.

The Right Ingredients

Each of our ingredient suppliers is subjected to our intensive “vendor qualification program” to ensure they meet our quality standards. We visit and audit our suppliers in person as part of this commitment; just to be sure we are happy with their quality. These ingredients are always tested for identity, microbial contamination and heavy metal content, guaranteed!

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Made in the U.S.A.

We manufacture our own products, in house, so we can control quality and processes that go into making our supplements. In addition, we always use 3rd party laboratories to test everything we make. This way we ensure the quality of the final product that we ship to you. We not only perform these quality tests at 3rd party laboratories, but we have the laboratories triple test the product before it is ever released for sale!

Take the Journey

It is our mission to deliver HOPE, and we do this by developing products that actually work! Start the journey towards your Mineralife today.


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Commit to 45 days of incorporating minerals into a healthy lifestyle.


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