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A refresher for your red blood cells

Iron’s main function in the human body is transporting oxygen through the blood. Iron supports a healthy metabolism, overall cellular health, and plays a vital role in many enzyme reactions that help balance hormone levels. This essential nutrient is vital in facilitating many bodily functions every day, including supporting healthy energy levels.

Iron deficiency is most common in women but can occur in men. Symptoms of an Iron deficiency include fatigue, sleepiness, a lack of energy or physical discomforts. Protect yourself with Mineralife’s ionic Iron supplement that provides iron in the form most readily absorbed by your body.

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Benefits of Iron

Iron helps the body to manufacture new hemoglobin-packed blood cells and to rid itself of carbon dioxide. Iron, combined with manganese and copper, helps maintain healthy blood chemistry, and facilitates the transfer of oxygen. It also rids the body of carbon dioxide. Additionally, it:

  • helps the body to manufacture new hemoglobin-packed blood cells
  • helps maintain sufficiently high blood pressure
  • and plays a role in metabolism, digestion, elimination, and circulation.
  • supports efficient immune system function*
  • supports respiratory health*
  • supports enzymatic function throughout body*
  • supports energy production*

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Zemvelo Iron Features

Zemvelo (formerly Mineralife) liquid ionic iron supplement is formulated using a patent-pending MET water, a multi-step purified energy enhanced water that helps activate minerals into their electronically charged ionic state for maximum benefit.

  • NATURAL: Prepared from a pure elemental source of iron bis-gylcinate (ferrous bisglycinate), a form of iron that has been shown as highly absorbable within the body with minimal digestive discomforts in various studies.
  • MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Angstrom-sized, water soluble minerals (IsoIonic™) provide the greatest absorption and utilization in the body.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: 5ml (1 cap) provides 56% of the Daily Value for Iron. 8oz bottle provides 48 day supply.

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Iron for Improved Energy

Iron ensures that enough oxygen reaches your cells to provide you with ongoing energy. It also assists with the body’s metabolic enzyme processes involved in absorbing nutrients from food and digesting proteins. As such, iron deficiency can cause symptoms such as sluggishness, exhaustion, poor concentration, poor muscle coordination and mood changes.

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Iron & Leg Cramping

Iron deficiency can also play a role in helping calm an uncontrollable urge to move the legs that often disrupts sleep. Iron is pivotal in transporting oxygen to the muscles in order to reduce muscle pain and spasms, so a lack of iron can lead to uncomfortable leg contractions which can lead to sleep disturbances.

Why Mineralife Iron?

According to the CDC, as many as 10% of women in the U.S. are iron deficient. Iron deficiency can lead to a lack of developing healthy red blood cells. Low iron levels can be caused by poor diet, blood loss and difficulty with absorbing iron from food.

Iron is important in protein metabolism and hemoglobin and red blood cell production, which helps prevent anemia.

Several risk factors put people at risk for iron deficiency, including:

  • being a woman of childbearing age
  • following a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • exercising a lot
  • being pregnant or breastfeeding
  • having a history of kidney failure or undergoing dialysis
  • having digestive system discomforts
  • consuming too much calcium (such as antacids) as it can reduce iron absorption
  • having experienced recent blood loss through donation or surgery.

Most people learn that they are iron deficient when trying to donate blood, but a simple blood test at your doctor’s office can also confirm it.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Iron (ferrous bisglycinate), reverse osmosis water, CHD-FA fulvic acid, sorbic acid



14 reviews for Iron

  1. Marcus

    After my accident, I was iron deficient from blood loss for a while and taking iron supplements that didn’t work. My wife spoke to Neil at Mineralife who explained that liquid iron supplements are more readily absorbed. I tried it and am now healthy. Thanks guys!

  2. Kevin

    I am a person who is always up to try new things! I have tried many iron supplements and they have always worked. Well, like most people, I HATE taking pills. I heard of Mineralife from a friend of mine who loves them, so I decided to check them out. I saw that they made Iron, so I ordered a few bottles. After taking it for a while I started to notice that I was feeling, not like myself. Instead of helping me with my energy it was making me very tired. I did not like that at all. Once I stopped taking it I went back to “normal” However, I do take other products of their’s and couldn’t love them more!

  3. Sara

    Mineralife’s Iron literally saved me from having a blood transfusion this year. I have never had such great results. Thank you for an outstanding supplement.

  4. Kelsey

    I have been using mineral life minerals for almost two years. I have noticed such a difference in my quality of life. I feel good and have energy I didn’t have before. I am currently 7.5 months pregnant and have used them throughout my pregnancy. I believe the use of the minerals have made this pregnancy a breeze! Thanks for such a great product!!

  5. AW

    Since taking Mineralife my overall health has improved. I am no longer testing deficient since using the iron on a consistent basis.

  6. SJ

    I bought the liquid iron supplement when I was informed that of being a bit of deficiency in my pregnancy. I chose to buy this rather than pills, as I believe that liquid supplements are better absorbed than pill form. The iron doesn’t have a bad taste, and brought my levels up.

  7. Y.S.

    I take Iron, Cal/Mag, Calcium, Daily Multiple, Potassium, Trace Minerals, Zinc and Iodine occasionally at the recommendation of my dietitian for prenatal and nursing nutritional deficiencies. The ingredients and the efficiency in absorption are great. The taste isn’t great, but I would rater bear the taste than artificially added flavors.

  8. Billi

    While using Mineralife liquid iron supplement, my iron levels increased by about 10 points in about 4-5 months of relatively inconsistent use. I imagine that with consistent use of this product, someone could effectively increase their iron levels. The flavour of the liquid iron supplement isn’t great, but that goes for all liquid iron supplements. Mix it with juice and you’re good to go.

  9. Philip Wong (verified owner)

    My wife used to be anemic. She’s tried oral iron and it affected her GI system. This iron doesn’t cause any side effects and is highly potent. Great delivery system and a great product. We will use all of your products from now on!

  10. Shawn

    Great products!

  11. Happy Feat – Amazon Verified Purchase

    By Far The BEST
    It works well for bringing up my wife’s iron levels that are very low. No side effects or messing your system up with this liquid iron. Will continue to buy. It looks like the company changed the packaging or they sold, the last order the bottle was different.

  12. omayra alequin – Amazon Verified Purchase

    This is the best iron supplement ever. It tastes like nothing when put into orange 🍊 juice. Your kids will never notice.

  13. SHARAN DAODU – Amazon Verified Purchase

    I will buy more
    The product was wonderful and the service was good

  14. Dancer – Amazon Verified Purchase

    Excellent supplement
    Definitely feel a difference taking it. No sugar, which is good, so a fairly minerally taste but if you mix it with something it’s fine.

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