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Silver: Your Remedy for Common Health Issues

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Silver-Your-remedyWe’ve come a long way since 1999 when the FDA first stated that there was no scientific evidence that supported the use of silver. Since then, considerable research has been conducted and research and medical literature supports many of the uses and healing properties of silver.

  1. Silver offers astonishing antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits, as was found by Larry C. Ford, MD in the 1980s when he was working at the UCLA Medical School. During his studies, 650 pathogens were destroyed when being exposed to silver. In addition, his studies found no negative side effects when colloidal silver was exposed to the human body.
  2. Silver stimulates soft tissue and skin healing, according to Robert O. Becker, MD, a biomedical researcher and orthopedic surgeon from Syracuse University.
  3. Silver can be used to address gum and mouth issues, topical skin problems and burns.
  4. As an anti-inflammatory, colloidal silver can help heal inflamed skin, reduce swelling, boost cell recovery and speed up healing.
  5. Silver has been used to ward off highly infectious viral, bacterial and fungal infections. The colloids attract infected cells electromagnetically, and eliminates them in the bloodstream.
  6. A study by the NIH found that 90% of children with nasal congestion and the common cold who were treated with beta glucan and colloidal silver quickly recovered.
  7. In one study, ionic silver was researched in a nasal spray and it has been shown to kill both staph aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

How Liquid Ionic Silver Works

Thanks to its direct impact on cellular respiration, silver offers many benefits to the human body. Silver works in three different ways:

  1. It binds with and enters bacteria DNA damaging the hydrogen bonds and stopping cellular replication.
  2. Silver ions adhere to oxygen molecules and react with sulfhydryl groups around viruses and bacteria. It then blocks life-preserving cellular respiration and releases the waste products.
  3. Silver ions also attach to the cell membranes of bacteria, producing a similar respiration-blocking effect.

How to Use Silver

There are countless ways to use silver. Here are some:

  • For skin complaints, simply dab some silver onto a cotton ball and wipe onto skin.
  • For mouth ulcers or cold sores, swish a teaspoon full of liquid silver in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing it.
  • Ingest a teaspoon of silver for an immune boost and to fight of bacteria.
  • Use a neti pot with a few drops of silver to rinse out your nasal passages for sinus congestion and discomfort.
  • For upper respiratory issues, place a few drops of liquid silver into a nebulizer a breath deeply.


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